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Additional Services

Customer List Reduction
If your QuickBooks file is reaching the maximum number of customers or you simply want to clean up your file, we have developed a service to remove old unneeded customers that reduces the customer list size and ultimately returns a cleaner file.

Convert Inventory Items to Non-Inventory Items
Often when creating a new QuickBooks file errors are made that will affect the file in perpetuity which cannot be fixed. Creating Inventory Items when Non-Inventory items should have been used is one of these errors. We have developed a service to remedy this problem and retroactively fix past transactions (if desired).

Item List Reduction
Item Lists within QuickBooks are notorious for growing out of control. This service will merge old service and non-inventory items that are no longer needed and return you a cleaner file.

Add/Delete Condensed Journal Entries
The QuickBooks condense process is notorious for causing issues with QuickBooks files and many of these problems revolve around the condensed journal entries created in the process. We have tools to add, delete, or merely fix these journal entries so that your file operates effectively.

Changes in Mass
Should you come across a situation where you need to make blanket changes to a large mass of transactions but the time required to make the change is daunting, consult us. We make changes in mass to large groupings of transaction or lists. Common Examples include adding a “V” at the end of each vendor name to distinguish from other names lists, removing the “billable” flag on Bills and Credit Card Entries, or Changing the account type associated with certain transaction (e.g. COGS to Expense). We can save you a great deal of time an effort at a fraction of the cost.

Reset Sales Tax Payable
In todays world where businesses must operate in many localities simultaneously, they may be required to pay sales tax in each of those localities. Sales Tax is often a misunderstood part of the QuickBooks program and thus many mistakes can be made in the process throwing balances to individual tax agencies off. We have a service to correct these balances, reset all Sales Tax Items to comply with the actual balances and assist in keeping them accurate and functional.

Delete Payroll and Time Activity
Large amounts of unneeded Payroll or Timesheets within a QuickBooks file can be a hindrance to successful completion of tasks in a timely manner. This service can remove that old and unneeded data to allow you to start with a clean slate.

Import Price Levels by Item
QuickBooks does not allow the importation of price levels by item, but we have developed a service to accomplish exactly that. This service is less expensive, faster and more accurate than manual entry.

Add Classes to all Transactions
Avoid adding classes to all transactions manually. With this service we can add classes quickly and make you more efficient.

Remove Closed Sales Orders
Closed Sales Orders are a major source of poor file performance. This service deletes closed sales orders providing a less expensive alternative to a full shrink.